Mixers and Taps

Mixers and Taps

Kitchen and Bathroom Mixers in Melbourne

Choosing the right kitchen, bathroom or shower mixer is important to the aesthetic of your Melbourne home. If you're looking to revamp these areas, it's important that you select the most appropriate size, style and model to best suit your project. The collection at Bright Renovation carries a number of looks to suit a variety of preferences and budgets. Shop online now and we'll deliver your purchase directly to your door, anywhere in Australia.

Bathroom mixers

While it may seem like a minor decision to make, the bathroom mixer you choose to opt for will have a big impact on the functionality and look of the space. These days, bathroom and shower mixers play a huge part in the design of homes and can have a significant influence on the value of Melbourne properties. If you’re choosing to carry out renovations throughout your whole home, you may choose to install the same tap design throughout the bathroom, kitchen and laundry; it's important that you've made this decision before selecting a tap for your bathroom or shower.

Kitchen mixers

The sink is the most important aspect of this area, and as it is the hub of all activity within the space, careful consideration should be given to what kitchen mixer you choose to install. As these are purchased separately to the sink itself, kitchen mixers should be assessed on whether they will actually suit it. The location on where you intend to place the mixer will also determine what size and style you must opt for. To make sure you're choosing the most appropriate tap for your kitchen, we recommend you visit our showroom in Melbourne.