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Freestanding Bath Tubs

Freestanding Bath Tubs

A Wide Range of Quality Freestanding Bathtubs in Melbourne

If you have a bathroom space that’s just crying out for a tub, then the Bright Renovation team have a variety of products that will suit your space and style requirements. We want to make it easy for you and your family to bathe yourselves in a well-made and cheap freestanding tub - without breaking the bank.

Our stand-alone bathtubs are an excellent choice for anyone who has a primarily open-plan bathroom, or who does not want to permanently install their tub in a particular place. We offer minimal, timelessly-styled tubs that do not have any attached fixtures or fittings – making them perfect for rooms with existing taps or shower heads that the tub can be maneuvered around.

All of our cheap freestanding bath furnishings are constructed from high-quality, great-looking acrylic. This is a surprisingly lightweight and durable synthetic material that feels great against your skin and is easy to keep clean despite constant, day-to-day use.

Once you’ve browsed our extensive online product listings, it’s easy to either purchase your tub via our site or come in to our Dandenong South showroom and warehouse to see our stand-alone bathtubs in Melbourne. Get in touch with us today to organise freight and shipping options for our tubs, if you’re placing an online order.

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CLASSIC LUXE Freestanding Acrylic BathTub 1500MM & 1700MM
Pearl 1500 Thin Edge Bathroom Round Oval Freestanding Acrylic BathTub
Unique 1400MM Otter Thin Edge Bathroom  Oval Freestanding Acrylic BathTub
DORY Thin Edge Bathroom Round Oval FreeStanding Acrylic BathTub 1520MM&1700MM
INGOT Thin Edge Bathroom Freestanding Acrylic Slim BathTub 1700MM
Nemo 1300MM Oval Thin Edge FreeStanding BathTub
SEAHORSE Bathroom Square FreeStanding Acrylic BathTub 1500mm&1700mm
SWAN Square Super Thin Edge Bathroom FreeStanding Acrylic BathTub 1700mm
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